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Perfect partnerships

by Natalie Vincent Thu 19 July 2018, 12:23 pm

A major developer spoke of its "extraordinarily long relationship" with Hounslow Council last night, while hailing the progress of some of the west London borough's largest schemes it is overseeing.

Hounslow Council leader Steve Curran speaks. Image courtesy of Baz Seal

Stephen Day, managing director of Barratt, was speaking at a networking event organised by 3Fox International, publisher of Great West magazine, which focuses on regeneration and investment opportunities within the borough. The seventh issue of the publication from earlier this year was also presented to delegates.

Held at the Chiswick House and Gardens Conservatory, 97 attendees including members of the council, developers, consultants and architects came to hear about recent development projects in the borough, as well as future schemes. Day joined other keynote speakers at the event, including council leader Steve Curran and vice chancellor of the University of West London, Professor Peter John. 

Day outlined Barratt's joint venture town centre regeneration project with L&Q, High Street Quarter, which includes 500 homes, an IMAX cinema and 11,148sq m in retail space, and praised the council’s "exceptional communication" between the planners and members, adding: "That's really how we’ve achieved what we planned to do in Hounslow."

"At events like this, we want to raise our profile as a local developer, contribute to the magazine by sponsoring it – we're delighted to do so and hope to continue with that."

John outlined the benefits of having a university in the borough: "Location really does matter; there's evidence right across the world that boroughs, areas and cities that flourish have a university right in the middle of it, and Hounslow is lucky, because it does. 

"We do an awful lot with Steve [Curran], the borough and around it. We're investing heavily in the Gunnersbury Park sports centre, which is going to be important for the borough. We have a strong relationship with the council; it's that which makes these things work, and what we want to make go even further."

Curran highlighted the importance of leisure facilities – the cover feature for the most recent edition of Great West  – with the ongoing investment into Dukes Meadows, Gunnersbury Park, Boston Manor Park, stating that “we are serious about developing the borough; leisure is just as important as homes".

"Having a good leisure offer for people is really important, because one of the things we struggle with, and affects the quality of the area, is the number of people that come into the borough and go out again, driving.  We want people to live, work and enjoy their leisure in the borough."

Speaking exclusively to Great West, Curran highlighted the importance of meeting stakeholders: "I think it's very important to engage with developers and investors in the borough who want to join in the journey around regenerating the borough; you can't do that just at formal meetings, you have to go out and meet people."

Curran also underlined Hounslow's proximity to Heathrow: "We are the gateway into London; people going to Heathrow either fly over us or drive through; we’ve got fantastic stately homes and schools, the river (Thames) and nightlife in Chiswick. We have big name companies like BskyB and GlaxoSmithKline who have their headquarters here and they do that because of our close proximity to both London and Heathrow. It's a great place to work and live, and we want to encourage more people to live and work in the borough, and not just go in and out."


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