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Company Profile

Sitematch London

Company type: Event

Experts in: Affordable housing funding, Public private partnerships, Private sector rented housing, Community infrastructure levy (CIL)

Sitematch London enables property developers to identify and meet the right people at councils and helps smaller developers access public-owned opportunity sites,

It also encourages councils to think commercially about land assets and develop new revenues.

By providing these services, we are helping stimulate development in London  and aiding the government increase house building levels.

Sitematch London is organised by 3FoxInternational.

How it works

Each council provides “priority development sites” details which are posted on the site.

Developers are invited to browse. If they find a site or borough of interest, they can book a 15-minute meeting with the council at the next Sitematch London event.

The first event on 1 March 2012 at City Hall included 50 officers and members from 28 councils. During the day, 486 meetings took place betwee 166 developers and advisors, discussing 100 sites representing over 1,000ha of land.

100 per cent of councils and 96 per cent of developers said it would lead to further meetings and discussions.

94 per cent of councils and 89 per cent of developers said they discovered new developers or sites of interest

88 per cent of councils and 74 per cent of developers gained useful information that would have been difficult to obtain without Sitematch London. 75 per cent of councils and half of developers were even confident that Sitematch would lead directly to a deal.

Boris Backs Sitematch London

"I very much support Sitematch London.

"It is an excellent opportunity for the public sector to show the private sector that it is open for business, by putting developers directly in touch with London’s boroughs to discuss sites that they have selected as the highest priorities for development.

"It is a great chance therefore for London’s local authorities to take a commercial approach to their property assets, to help stimulate investment and generate revenue – and it takes place at no cost to the public purse.

"This initiative is a significant way for us to work with the private sector, to attract their interest and to stimulate investment in our city. Most London boroughs have already agreed to take part in Sitematch London. I urge yours to join them."

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Company details

Sitematch London

375 Kennington Lane
SE11 5QY

T: 020 7978 6840
F: 020 7978 6837


Key Contact

Name: Toby Fox
Job title: Managing director

Tel: 020 7911 2329